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Wow! Did you know you could use our herbal infusions and aromatic tea's for cooking!?

At Zanetti Collection we're passionate about taste. We supply a premium selection of Ronnefeldt ( Tea's from the finest tea gardens around the world. In addition we also provide true and authentic Italian roasted Hausbrandt ( coffee with a broad selection of beans from many internationally different farms.

If you're not into tea or coffee, we produce beautifully hand crafted traditional Italian Gelato too!

If you go have a look at our Instagram page you'll get a great visual experience of our pure and passionate love for taste. Our Instagram account name : tempting_taste_ .

We've found a blog release with 11 recipe's for cooking with tea!

Check it out right here:

Written by Joanna Pruess

Our favourite recipe from their list is their Crunchy Rooibos Chickpeas

Have a look at the simple ingredients and easy preparation instructions directly here:

Scott Phillips

Discover our selection of herbal infusions and aromatic tea’s to add to your new favourite meal, at our Zanetti Collection online store here:

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