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Brewing Italian coffee in an Aeropress

The aeropress is a fast and easy way to make the perfect cup of coffee without an actual espresso machine. The are many types of ways to making coffee, but the Aeropress as a relatively recent invention really does allow you to brew coffee well.

You don't get the strong pressure of the actual espresso machine, so the coffee that comes out of the Aeropress is slightly lighter and more floral in flavor. The delicate flavours of the coffee are drawn out by this particular method of brewing coffee. The extended longer brew time also allows for more caffeine to be released into the coffee for a stronger boost of energy.

Not only does the Aeropress brew coffee well but it's also very simple and easy to keep clean. It also travels well, if you're going on camping trips or hikes, it's plastic material doesn't allow it to get easily damaged.

Anyways, on to the brewing technique, in the below video you can watch how we have brewed our Hausbrandt coffee, the coffee we used from Hausbrandt is a selected blend that we've worked out brews extremely well in the Aeropress, the coffee is named Herman Hausbrandt, A sweet, spicy coffee with medium body and medium acidity. The sweet, pleasing taste is distinguished by notes of hazelnut and cocoa.

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