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Filter Coffee in the workplace

Nowadays we see more and more of coffee in the workplace. It is nowadays close to impossible to have a good organisation culture without coffee in the play. With its indulging aroma and pleasant flavours, it has managed to serve as the daily beverage for many people hence It’s one of the most consumed beverages in the world.

Research has shown that having a hot drink at the workplace will boost your employees’ effectiveness in so many ways especially if its good quality coffee. There are many types of coffee made for the workplace environment from coffee beans using bean to cup machines for those espresso, cappuccino drinkers to coffee. This gives the employees the ability to enjoy a good cup of coffee whilst they are still working.

For example our Hausbrandt Rialto filter coffee has proven a success in the workplace environment at many offices.

There are several reasons that serve as huge advantages of good quality coffee in an organisation.

1. Great Staff Incentive

Having a great coffee machine for your staff is a good perk and incentive for your office. It has proven to be a surprisingly good motivator for the staff members and can gain loyalty from them as this makes workplace comfortable with a boss that cares. From bean to cup machines that make the famous beverages (espresso, Cappuccino, Latte etc) using coffee beans to a simple less expensive good quality delicious filter coffee. It is also a great welcome tool to guests and clients.

2. Increased Productivity

Coffee doesn’t necessarily wake you up as most people think, it however it does have influence over the main compound released by your brain called adenosine that makes you sleepy. Adenosine tends to accumulate as you progress throughout the day and tends to lower body energy levels by reducing stimulatory neurotransmitters such as dopamine, in turn producing the sensation of ‘being tired’ and the feeling of sleepy, telling the body to rest. The Caffeine from the coffee increases dopamine levels and it blocks adenosine receptors. Dopamine is responsible for the positive feelings of pleasure in the brain. This increases the body energy levels and more energy equals enhanced memory, ability to focus, problem-solving, and general cognitive function, and pleasure while doing. This is a good way to improve productivity in the office and motivate the staff.

3. Work time utilised

Coffee breaks are common for a lot of people in most companies. Leaving the office going to a coffee shop to get their coffee usually with kill time. Imagine already having this in the office. For example filter coffee is normally successful in the work place environment as it is quick and easy to make. The staff great a great quality coffee during their coffee break and don’t use up too much time.

4. Teamwork builder

Surprisingly a lot of team building, and bonding happens at the coffee machine. Some staff members tend to come up with good ideas, good at solving problems during a coffee break because of its health benefits. New Staff members tend to get themselves acquainted with the rest of the team during coffee breaks and helps give them comfort as part of the group. Coffee breaks also may help staff to cope with stress.

5. Coffee Health

Coffee will assist in a healthy lifestyle if taken moderately. Metabolism is increased by drinking coffee while on your desk working and assists your body in burning fat. Studies have shown coffee to be effective in reducing certain diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer and many more. This is because of the antioxidants in the coffee.

In Conclusion

Drinking coffee at the office proves to be very beneficial and can be a good investment.

Sustainability has always been an issue when it comes to coffee in the workplace. The secret in a good effective coffee culture at the workstation is choosing the best coffee with the best coffee solution that helps sustain the environment. From bean to cup machines which are super safe for offices. They do not necessarily require anyone to prepare the actual coffee as its one button press. To filter machines which use filter coffee. These are clean and easy to use, and has low maintenance.

Investing in a coffee machine for the office will have positive effects on your employees and in turn on your business at large.

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