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Welcome Zezuru Zimbabwean Coffee

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Named after the Zezuru, a Shona tribe of Zimbabwe and also a dialect of the Shona language of this tribe, this coffee has prides in it's heritage.

Zeruru Coffee Company was inspired by the need to create a sustainable project that would empower and support small scale female coffee farmers creating financial freedom and better opportunities for their families and the communities as a whole.

Their beans are grown in the high eastern highlands of Zimbabwe, the region has very fertile soil, and is the perfect climate for coffee. These beans are grown on predominantly small scale farms. Zimbabwean coffee is known for its acidity with complimentary fruity notes. The complex flavours reflect the diverse farms on which it is grown.

Popular over the centuries, these farmers have been known throughout ancient times for their agricultural expertise and craftsmanship. This particular blend been careful grown by expert farmers, a women co-operative to come up with this exquisite taste in the blend. Yes….. that’s right, its women powered, and this artisan coffee is grown and processed with precision and is roasted with all attentiveness and passion.

This is a 100 % handpicked arabica bean and roasted in small batches for better quality and control the roasting process. This artisan coffee is known for its acidity and fruity notes.

The Medium-roast blend is medium bodied, smooth and has berry notes. The Dark-roast blend is a full-bodied coffee, with zesty acidity that reminds you of lemon and complex flavors that have winey notes and reminds you of fruity currants.

This coffee is truly making its mark on in the coffee growing industry as our own Southern African product.

Zezuru Coffee Company is a female–owned, run and dedicated organisation aimed at empowering females in the coffee industry. Zanetti Collection is proud to offer them a online partnership.

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