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This year Ronnefeldt South Africa kicks it out with a bang! Introducing the all new all natural 100% ORGANIC tea range. As part of our vision, we aspire to offer a premium product, with premium quality while we in harmony with nature and the environment. Nothing beats the quality of life brought by mother nature.

This product range which is entirely organic and vegan as well as 100% biodegradable or recyclable or both. The result is not only exquisite premium delicious tea but also also the peace of mind that we are living

One with nature and benefiting from everything her tea and herbs have to provide.

Besides the general health benefits we get from tea, many people now seem to opt more and more for organic tea rather than non- organic. Even though non-organic tea is cheaper and more readily available than organic tea.

Here is the reason why:

Organically produced products through organic farming is done without the use of any harmful chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. For many centuries farming and cultivating foods was done with the use of natural fertilizers instead of chemicals. This means we do not need to worry about hidden toxins and pesticides in the tea leaves that we consume. After all many drink tea for its health benefits just as well as for its delicious taste.

From an environmental perspective, conventionally grown tea can be devastating sometimes depending on what pesticide the farmer is using. Because it is often grown at higher elevations. The persistent chemicals applied to conventional tea farms not only damage the local ecosystem but run down mountains and contaminate other farms, forests, rivers, and even oceans.

At Ronnefeldt, we concentrate on the orthodox way of processing tea as our emphasis is more on producing high quality premium tea rather than quantity. Choosing organic tea, on the other hand, means supporting growing methods like plant- and microorganism-based natural fertilizers and pest deterrents, which are safer for the environment and for the farmers who work on the land. Healthy soils are the basis for the wonderful taste and exceptional quality

Research suggest that organic produce has a higher nutrition value with enhanced flavour. As chemicals or fertilizers are not used during farming, you will experience a more natural and delicious flavour as the tea leaves grew and matured at their own pace. This of course is greatly influenced by the soil quality, growing conditions, harvesting methods and timing.

The other reason why we support organic tea, organic farms promote biodiversity by using organic and biodynamic farming methods, allowing wildlife and local flora to flourish alongside tea farming

To minimize waste and to reduce the carbon footprint, 100% Organic range is completely packaged with organic natural materials. This also assist us get the best flavour out from the tea as the material used for the bag does not change the taste of the tea.

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