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The Perfect Grind

Grind size is one of the major factors when it comes to making a perfect cup of coffee. It’s the question that in peoples mind when there about to make a coffee or about to buy grounded coffee in the shop.

It would’ve been so easy if there were a standardised system, to say use a 7 for filter and 5 for moka on the grinder settings, unfortunately it's not so.

For some people, because they used to brewing coffee at home, they might not realise the importance of grind size. This is probably because they purchased pre-grounded coffee, which is readily grinded for their brewing method. However, nothings beats freshly ground beans, ground to exactly the right size. This is the backbone of a great coffee, is a great blend with a delicate balance of coffee: water ratio, perfect grind size, required brew time and the right water temperature.

By choosing the right grind size, we want to achieve perfect extraction of the coffee. So that we get the right amount of flavour, aroma and taste. If under extracted, your coffee is watery and an unpleasant sour, acidic taste and if over extracted, your coffee will be to intense and unpleasant bitterness and hallow flavours.

Depending on the brewing method being used, an under extracted coffee is caused usually by grinds that are too coarse which makes brewing time too short. An over extracted coffee, the grinds are usually too fine for your selected brewing method.

Below is our grinding size chart, with the recommended grind size, for each brewing method and the brewing time. Remember as each blend is different, and as each grinder blades are different, grind settings tend to differ as well.

Grind Size Brewing Method

Extra Fine Turkish coffee, finer the grind the better. Almost like baby powder

Fine Espresso/Moka pot.

Medium Fine Pour over coffee

Medium Filter coffee/pour over

Medium-Coarse Filter coffee

Coarse French Press/Cold brew

Extra Coarse Cold Brew

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