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Tea for Two

It’s almost Valentine’s day and nothing says,’ I Love you’ like a well throughout dinner, or lunch, or picnic. Dinner at a fancy restaurant is very nice and romantic but a special homemade meal, catered to the taste and palate of your special one is really the sweet spot. Especially during Covid times, indoors is the best place to be where you will be comfortable and relaxed.

The internet is now full of experienced chefs giving step by step tutorials for making exquisite dishes and its absolutely free! With the lockdown restrictions and social distancing of our time, many people have started bringing the restaurant to the house. Or even better you can even order food from a restaurant and be delivered home. And when you want to tell someone that "You're my cup of tea" why not say it with actual tea!

This year Tea is the best gift to give for valentines. With the temporary alcohol ban and the humongous health benefits that comes with the tea, and not forgetting how delicious and romantic it can be. For centuri

es, Tea has always been about getting cozy and intimate with someone. Today we have a tip of how to spice up your valentine’s dinner at home with a touch of tea. Below is our tip of how you can steep up your valentine’s dinner and impressing your hot and steamy tea lover. Using the Ronnefeldt Mini Tea Couture selection.


Set the ambiance and make it romantic from the food in the kitchen to setting the table, candles, fresh flowers, dim lights and a nice romantic scent with nice romantic music in the background. The human body experiences and remembers through our five senses so make sure you make all senses pick up something memorable and romantic.

Choosing A Menu

The menu should be something easy to do that can make you showcase your culinary skills and presentation well. Be sure to have the perfect meal with the perfect tea. But, if you lack the skills, support your local restaurants and "fake it till you make it"

The Starter

Nothing is as impressive as making sushi as a starter for lady during valentines, you can even order the sushi and just do the setup. The Herbs and Ginger is a perfect pair for this start with its subtle spicy but refreshing notes. Believe it or not, for cheese lovers, mini cheese wheel with different cheeses also works well as a starter and pairs well with the ginger tea. The scent of this tea is also very sensual and assists in setting the mood for the night.

Main Course

For those ladies that are meat lovers, a famous South African braaied or grilled steak with beautiful presentation with a salad side dish. Or for the vegetarian ladies, a nice grilled juicy mushroom. This works well with the English breakfast. With the current temporary alcohol ban in country, make for her a nice sparkling mocktail rose and pomegranate from the English Breakfast to sparkle and break her bubble. Remember to serve it in a wine glass. We will give you a couple recipe in our next recipe blogs.


The Wild Berries is the perfect drink to seal of the evening. This can be enjoyed with chocolate or gelato sorbet.

To seal off the perfect date get the Love you tea which is in a pretty tin and a nice box of chocolates.

Happy Valentine’s day Lovers!

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