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Rooibos, The Red Bush

Our proud and joy, our Rooibos herbal infusion from South Africa is truly a remarkable gift from mother nature. For centuries this herb has been enjoyed by our people both as a beverage and also to treat a vast number of ailments. It definitely is a must have in your kitchen cabinet. Also known as ‘Red Bush” this tea grows naturally in the Northern Cape, and then distributed all over the world.

Rooibos is popularly known as a tea, though technically, in the tea industry we term it a herbal infusion as there are no tea leaves involved. Yes, Rooibos and Tea are two completely different family of plants. This is a topic which we will discuss at another time. Today we discuss the benefits of this delicious naturally sweet tea.

Rooibos has earned its place of becoming a Superfood as it is a Powerhouse of many health attributes. This magnificent herbal infusion is rich in minerals such as zinc, sodium, potassium, iron and the list continue. This assists in energy boosting and keeping hydrated. Because it is caffeine free, we can take it at any time of the day. This is the beauty of Rooibos considering also that it is very low in calories. This enables it to aid digestion and because of its antispasmodic properties, it may assist in certain dealing with gastric issues.

This tea contains flavonoids, polyphenols and phenolic acid which are powerful antioxidants which assist to prevent the movement of free radicals in the body and combat oxidative stress with its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. This assists in tea in supporting bladder, liver and kidney function. Because it improves the blood circulation, and blood pressure, it assists protects your heart. Aspalathin which is a polyphenol unique to Rooibos may help to keep blood sugar levels stable

Rooibos is a powerful immune booster, it may assist in strengthen your immune system. It also has anti-cancer properties and may assist in protecting cells to develop certain type of cancers. This is probably because of its anti-mutagenic properties.

Because this tea has calcium and manganese, this is perfect for bone and joint health. With Rooibos you enjoyed this subtle sweet delicious beverage and at the same time reap tremendous benefits. If you don’t have some rooibos already at your home, go ahead and give it try!

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