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Rooibos Iced Tea Summer Festive Recipe

As we are in the middle of the happy hour of the year, tea is the best way to keep you in the mood or put you in the mood, especially during the pandemic and lockdown times.

Our national pride, the Rooibos bush mixed with a summer tropical vibe of oranges and the freshness of mint.

This a very delicious refreshing healthy drink packed with minerals and attributes with a lot nutritious valve. If you want to live on the wild side, we would recommend having it with gin....but not in the office...we swear we did not do a test run on the gin.


3 Rooibos Vanilla Teavelope OR 2 Rooibos Cream Orange Joy of Tea or Ronnefeldt LeafCup

30ml honey

500ml boiling water

1 orange

120ml Orange juice

Mint leaves

Lemon zest

ice cubes


1. Brew the tea in the teapot for 8-10mins

2. Add some honey to the brew

3. Put ice in a 2 litre water pincher

4. Add 120ml of orange juice

5. Add vanilla syrup and mint syrup (optional)

6. Cut the orange and garnish

7. Also garnish with the mint

8. Pour the tea into the pincher

9. When you serve, rub glass or cup rim with the orange zest or lemon zest.

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