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Rethinking coffee as a 1shot affair

‘Staying Green’ is the name of the game nowadays and ‘zero waste‘ is now the motto when it comes to our industry and even the world at large as we try to assist in stopping pollution of the earth.

Since coffee is part of the culture in large parts of the world, that’s means tons and tons of coffee grounds, coffee pulp is discarded. This leads to a devastating landfill. At Hausbrandt, we are committed to preventing any form of pollution. We recycle production waste and ensure safe waste disposal as much as possible. We have managed to have green production zone and green logistics. We have come up with schemes to make sure the coffee grounds and even the coffee bags themselves do not end up as landfill.

Take our Hausbrandt bag initiative for instance. We work with talented ladies upcycling our empty coffee bags into nice beautiful strong shopping bags. Finding value in coffee waste has become very innovative and spurred coffee houses and coffee shops to develop eco-friendly, valuable products and different ways to recycle used product. From making clothes and shoes with them to coffee oils, to bio energy coffee fuel. Today we discuss ideas on which part we can play on an individual level when it comes to recycling our coffee grounds in helping save planet Earth.


Add coffee grounds to your compost. they are a great addition to a compost pile. Coffee grounds are an excellent nitrogen source for composting. They contain around 2% nitrogen by volume. Throw the used coffee grounds onto your compost pile and mix it in the compost. Add even the coffee filter


Believe it or not, many people now spread coffee grounds to their soil in the garden. Usually its cultivated into the soil and then covered with leaves or compost or bark mulch. Used coffee grounds add nitrogen and potassium to the soil. They also have a way of boosting magnesium for the plants. This adds organic material to the soil, which improves drainage, water retention, and aeration in the soil.

Pest Repellent

Coffee grounds can be used as natural pest repellent for plants. Sprinkle used coffee grounds around your plants. Coffee grounds have certain compounds, that can be highly toxic to pests and insects. This is the reason why coffee plants produce compounds like caffeine in the first place, to protect themselves from pests. the smell of coffee and its slightly abrasive texture also irritates a lot of pests especially soft bellies creatures like snails or slugs.

Mushroom Growing

If you have the ability to get lots of coffee grounds, fill up a 20litre container or drum with coffee grounds. There create a conducive environment of planting oyster mushrooms. If you are a mushroom fan, you won’t get disappointed if you start this project at home. Perhaps your nearest coffee shop can assist in the coffee grounds.

Air freshener

If you love the smell of coffee then this one's for you. put a bowl or open container of dried, used grounds in the fridge or on the kitchen counter. They have a tendency of absorbing the space’s unpleasant odours that were generated by long-term food storage or cooking. It absorb and eliminate odours.


Because of the coffee grounds abrasive nature, it works wonders when it comes to cleaning counters and removing harden food particles on any surfaces, as long it’s not porous, you should be fine.

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