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Our Very Best Summer (Recipe) Hits!

Summer is here! And this year’s summer it’s been quite hot. But somehow, we find ourselves wanting something spicy but cool and refreshing at the same time. Today we give you a recipe that offers you the best of both worlds.

This recipe can be used either by an espresso, cold brew or even Turkish coffee.

Iced Dirty Chai Latte


· Espresso or Turkish coffee, ¼ cup of cold brew

· Ronnefeldt Masala Chai

· Honey

· Cold Milk (or Milk alternative)

· Ice


1. Steep the Masala Chai tea in a teapot with hot water as you normally do (the teabag has instruction for brewing time and length)

2. Remove 170ml of the tea and place on the side

3. Mix the tea with your desired amount of honey for sweetness.

4. Pour Ice

5. Pull an espresso shot or pour out the ¼ cup of cold brew.

6. Top up the cup with the coffee and milk. Mix the beverage

Garnish with Cinnamon or cloves or ginger pieces

Coffee Milkshake


· Single or Double shot Espresso

· 250ml Dairy-free milk

· Gelato (chocolate, caramel, vanilla, cookies’n’cream)

· Whipped Cream

· Syrup or Honey


1. Pull the espresso according to your preference between single or double shot espresso

2. Pour Espresso over Ice to cool.

3. In a blender, blend the ice, coffee and cold milk together

4. Add a couple of scoops of Gelato of choice and Blend

5. Pour your milkshake into a mason jar or Mug

6. Top up with Whipped cream and syrup

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