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Cold Brew Coffee Float

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Summer is here! What is more pleasurable than a nice cold beverage on the beach or in the garden while watching a beautiful sunset. This recipe is perfect for any coffee lover with a sweet tooth. Cold brew coffee floats are super easy to make and a perfect, quick delicious dessert to cool you off during summer.

This recipe combines two of our favourite things in the world and make one big super delicious dessert; coffee and gelato.

Today we learn how to make Cold brew Ice-cream float.


· 1-2 scoops chocolate gelato or French vanilla gelato

· ¾ cup of Cold Brew (please refer to last week’s blog for cold brew recipe if you prefer a homemade one)

· Whipped Cream (optional)

· Chocolate Syrup (Optional)


1. Chill a tall glass in the freezer

2. Add the scoops of gelato in the tall glass.

3. Pour your cold brew on top of the gelato.

4. Finish of with drizzling some chocolate syrup or Whipped cream if needed

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