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Coffee Pairing

Coffee has become a part of our culture and way of life. This beverage is somewhat of a ritual and has been widely accepted and is loved in all nations and all peoples from different walks of life. With some people, it’s the one thing they want when they wake up in the morning, keeps you focused and going throughout the day and that daily workplace ritual of the ‘coffee break’. From going out to social for a coffee to better relationships dessert after a good delicious meal. It has truly lived and shined through the ages

Have you ever wondered why coffee shops love serving coffee with a biscotti or pairing certain coffees with croissants and muffins? Today we going to take a look at our favorite coffees and pair them with our favorite foods. Some foods pair well and flawless with coffee, and some do not.

First thing first, before finding the perfect pair for the favorite coffee, you’ll need to identify the dominant flavors of your coffee blend. This is all depending on the blend, origins, how its roasted and how its made. To help you pinpoint and learn more about your favorite coffee, try to get the coffee flavor wheel by the Specialty Coffee Association which will help you identify notes, tastes and aromas.

When now coming to deciding what type of food to pair with, always choose foods that brings out the flavor of the coffee. A tip on this is you can start by paring flavor with flavor. For instance, Our Gourmet Columbus blend from Colombia is low in acidity with a caramel and nutty taste. It’s after taste reminds you of bitter cocoa. So, when pairing flavor to flavor, an idea would be to pair it with Pecan Pie, nutty bread, chocolate muffin etc. This is a simple way to start your coffee and food pairing. It gets more exciting and daring when you choose food that contrasts the tastes of the coffee without overpowering them but at the same time blends perfectly together creating a great symphony in on your palate. Here is a couple of foods that taste great with coffee.

Fruit desserts, or other fruit based fruit with fruits like berries will go well with beans with a bit of Ethiopian or Kenyan origins. Most desserts pair well with nice dark roasts for instance, chocolate pairs well with dark Brazilian roast. A blend like Herman Hausbrandt. The complexity and slight bitterness of dark chocolate can offer a refined counterpoint and be complemented by a nice blend like the Herman Hausbrandt

Milk Coffees tend to pair well with pastries and different types of bread and also omelettes. The vast world of pastries compliments different types of coffees.

Coffee does not only pair well with sweets. Citrusy coffees tend to pair beautifully with savoury poultry like chicken and duck dishes. Strong Espresso roasts blends perfectly with meaty dishes as well as spicy food. For instance, our Hausbrandt Venezia tastes delicious with spicy chicken burritos.

Other foods that go well with coffee is , cake, donuts, scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, toasted bread, bacon, anything Tiramisu, Bagels, smoked salmon and the list goes on. Basically when it comes to coffee and food pairing, there are no hard rules, try to have fun while learn more about your favourite coffee and tasting it with different foods.



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