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Mythos Duo Touch 

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Machine Specs

Ideal for a medium to large office, conferencing environment and car dealerships is a convenient, easy to use and maintain, fully automatic coffee machine. 


6 pre-programmed drinks mean that you are only one touch away from serving the perfect beverage to you guests. It allows for adjustment to make sure that your preferences are catered to and also has a built in self-cleaning function. 

The Mythos Duo Touch is the top of the Mythos range machine yet still offers great value when looking at comparable machines on the market. 

Using an automatic coffee machine is undeniably one of the best investments a company can make; you have access to restaurant-quality coffee’s and milk-based coffee drinks, such as cappuccino’s and latte’s at the literal touch of a button. 

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Click the side arrow to move to the Mythos X1 Coffee machine


Click the side arrow to move to the Mythos eXel 2.0 Coffee machine

                        Water Tank        Bean Hopper  Pump     Boilers    Weight     Dimensions           Cups /Day   


Duo Touch     6 liters                1kg                    2              2             18kg          390 x 565 x 480     up to 120 cups** 

                                                                                                                                                            **Depending on cup size and grinding

  • Adjustable Grinder

  • Dual Pump

  • 6Lt Water Tank

  • Mains Water Connection

  • Display Screen

  • One Touch Selection Milk Drinks

  • Americano Selection With By-pass

  • 20+ Programmable Selections 

  • 1kg Bean Hopper

  • Integrated Waste Drawer

  • Integrated Cleaning System

  • Cup Warmer

The Mythos Frigo milk cooler is the idea add-on to keep milk at the ideal temperature for milk based beverages. 

Holding ample milk, the temperature-controlled container, will not only improve the overall looks of the machine with a milk holder, it will also keep the milk chilled – meaning no spoiled, soured milk accidentally being cycled through your milk system.

The Frigo can be added on to any of the Mythos machines

Mythos Frigo Fridge
smal office coffee machine

Ad-on's Available

Machine Specs


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