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Col Sandago Prosecco

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Col Sandago Prosecco DOCG

Case Bianche 


The beautiful drinkability of Case Bianche starts with its visual appeal — the traditional, brilliant straw yellow shade of Prosecco and the silky, long-lasting bubbles. Fascinating to look at and a wonderful sensation from the first sip. 


  • The pleasant fragrance, typically fruity, allows the nose to perceive a characteristic hint of golden apple, peach and acacia flowers

  • Fresh on the palate, this sparkling wine with a dry character preserves a pleasant and balanced residual sugar which doesn't cover its mineral note

  • To be served at 8°C, Case Bianche is an excellent aperitif wine, which can also accompany white meats and salty dishes or can enhance delicate fruit-based pastries

Col Sandago Prosecco DOC



Undici Prosecco immediately catches the eye with a lively straw yellow colour and intriguing, fine and persistent foam, which is released in the glass and accompanies it gently up to the palate.


  • There is a wide variety of aromas that the grapes give this sparkling white wine, rich in precious fruity and floral scents that pleasantly tickle the nose

  • The result is a harmony also reflected in the taste, soft, full-bodied, persistent, even with respect to acidity at eleven it maintains a good balance

  • To be served at 8°C, this refined Prosecco Superiore "Rive" is an excellent aperitif and an accompaniment suitable for any occasion, particularly combined with delicate fruit-based pastries and focaccia



The newest addition to our range, the Brut provides a delightful experience. Bright straw-yellow, with fine, persistent perlage, prepare yourself for love at first sight. It's aromas are pleasing and typically fruity. With slightly soft, harmonious and persistent flavours to enjoy.

  • Fresh on the palate, this sparkling wine with a dry character preserves a pleasant and balanced residual sugar 

  • To be served at 8°C, Brut is an excellent as an aperitif, it can also be drunk throughout the meal with light, delicate dishes

Col Sandago Brut Rosé DOC



Wildbacher Brut Rosé has a brilliant appearance, characterised by the foam, which is fine and persistent in the glass. From colour to perfume, the shade of pink accompanies this sparkling wine in all fragrances. 


  • With notes of wild strawberry and rose petal that give the nose a broad aroma, at the same time fruity and floral

  • On the palate there is a strong persistence and retro-olfactory correspondence, with a dry, harmonious and balanced taste that makes Wildbacher Brut Rosé an ideal aperitif

  • Serve at 8°C and  combine with light appetizers like vegetable based canapés and fresh cheeses, also good to try with cured fish

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