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Icezeit Gelato

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Gelato is a delicious dessert of Italian origin. Gelato typically contains 70% less air and more flavouring than other kinds of frozen desserts, giving it a density and richness that distinguishes it from other Ice-creams. With over 150 flavours available to you, we'll ensure your gelato moments are truly special with supreme quality product, tailored and flavoured for you or your guests to have the perfect experience. 



Sorbet is the healthier option to traditional gelato. Its base ingredients are water and sugar (mainly from the fruit that's also used to flavor the sorbet). Being dairy-free and is as refreshing as can be, our Icezeit sorbet is a perfect and pure palette cleanser for during a celebratory speciality meal. It's best used to help categorise and partition your illustrious multi course meal.


Frozen Yoghurt

Instead of milk or cream, yoghurt is used to provide this beautiful frozen dessert its creaminess. Used for complimentary taste purposes in a healthy and flavoursome meal, we provide you as the chef, consistently the best and coolest addition to your menu.

Sugar Free


Our production team is specialised in creating custom orders just for you. Whether it's a restaurant, wedding, hotel, or boutique, or private event. If you ask for no sugar, we have the perfect sugar free Ice cream formula curated to maverick ice-cream standards around the world.