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How to REALLLY enjoy your gelato

From the very first lick of my gelato, it was like love at first sight. This is a very exciting satisfying affair. When it comes to eating and serving gelato, little do people know that there is more to what meets the eye. Traditionally in Italy, which is the home town of gelato, it is eaten and served a certain way.

Serving Temperature

First of all, let’s talk temperature. The temperature outside, in your room determines the temperature of your gelato display or fridge. Sounds complicated I know, but once you get the hang of it and know why, it all makes sense. Contrary to popular belief, gelato is an all year-round treat. Personally, it tastes nicer and more enjoyable during winter has it decompensates slower in cold weather so you don’t get to make a mess and melts nicely on your pallet.

When it comes to the gelato itself, the gelato is served between -14 to -16 degrees Celsius, which is slightly higher than normal ice cream. At this temperature, the gelato is more flavorful and gives out its best. It’s also not too cold in your mouth like normal ice cream.

Pairing flavours

The best part about gelato is the adventure of flavor pairings. However, if unprepared, you might make an error in your pairing. For instance, mint gelato doesn’t go quite well with the bloody orange but will go well with chocolate. When choosing a gelato at your favorite gelateria, it’s never an easy decision as they are all delicious and always feel adventurous in your pairing.

Pairings to try next time you visit us at the Icezeit Kiosk in Seapoint, Cape Town:

Fererro and Raspberry

Strawberry and Mango

Mint and Yogi Berry

Banana Fudge and Chocolate

Chocolate & Coconut

Cup or Cone?

This is a difficult question to answer for some after ordering your gelato flavors. If you have ordered a more delicate light gelato, it’s always best to go for the cup because they cone might overpower your gelato flavor and also its less messy as most delicate gelatos tend to melt faster. Remember we wait a second or two for the gelato to warm up a bit to experience its full flavors…. Yes, we eat it soft not hard as a rock.

The cone is a great way to experience your gelato. ‘In a cone, we lick it really well’ I always say lols…. The cone gives you the ability to lick and eat your gelato nicer without a spoon. The cake cone a.k.a plain cone has its advantages, one of them being they are neutral in flavor so it doesn’t mess up the flavor of your gelato. Sugar cone, an all-time favorite of most is known for its satisfying crunchiness and let’s be honest, gelato looks good on a sugar cone, plus you get to reward yourself after eating by eating the actual sugar cone!! This is a child’s dream lols.


When it comes to storage, the one thing gelato hates is abrupt temperature changes. Many are guilty of this. They remove the gelato from the freezer let it sit so they scoop effortlessly and then returning it into the freezer. This gives your gelato thermal shock meaning it will make your gelato develop tiny frozen ice crystals. Remember, up to 60% of your gelato is water.

To solve this problem, keep your gelato in your freezer at a steady constant temperature at all times. The rule is the lower the temperature the longer it lasts. When serving, do not let it melt on a counter, scoop it right away from the freezer and put it back. This is why you need a metal scoop for this.

So, enjoy your gelato next time you visit your favorite gelateria or while chilling at home.

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