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Grab your Coffee Passport...We're off on an Adventure!

The coffee plant is one of the numerous species belonging to the Coffea genus in the Rubiaceous family. From a commercial perspective, the most important and most commonly cultivated species are the Arabica variety and Robusta Variety.

Coffee is grown in over 50 countries around the world, along the equator, from tropical regions having only one rainy season, to areas where it rains at different times throughout the year.

There are many possible reasons for coffees in the region to possess both the similarities and the discrepancies that exist amount them. This can be because of different growing and processing methods, climate changes, water content, Soil texture and many other factors.

Here are some typical flavour profiles of our favourite coffee growing regions. As they are over 50 coffee growing countries, it is impossible to go through them all today. Also remember, in coffee there is no absolute profile list.

Ethiopia 🇪🇹

Well, We must start by giving homage to the birthplace of coffee. History has it, this is the place that coffee was discovered. This country has thousands of varieties of coffee grow here, including wild varieties as well, with highly distinctive flavours. In Ethiopia, coffees can go through the “natural process”, wherein the cherry is dried together with the coffee bean before being removed, or it goes through the "wet process," where in the coffee bean is remove and stripped from the fruit stripped within 12 hours of picking and then dried. These two processes both create remarkably different flavour profiles: Naturally, coffee in Ethiopia have very distinct strawberry or blueberry-like aromas. Because it is grown at a very high altitudes it tend to produces more wild flavours and as much acidity and fruity notes as possible with a sweet berry flavour. Wet coffee from this region tend to have floral jasmine and tea like aromas with lemongrass and bergamot characteristics.

Kenya 🇰🇪

This is a very bold and proud coffee. With prominent citrus notes, This coffee has wine like properties with juicy flavours that reminds you of grapefruit , black currant tartness and savoury characteristics. It is dry on the palate and it usually has high acidity.

Brazil 🇧🇷

Being the world's largest coffee producing country, Brazil does not disappoint. This coffee has a creamy and buttery taste to it. Most of the coffee grown here is grown low altitudes, this is where it picks up its chocolatey and nutty flavour profiles. Its acidity is quite mellow and contains good body

Columbia 🇨🇴

Another one of the best of Americas coffee. This is a bold well textured and well balanced coffee. Popularly known for its sweetness and beautiful aroma with caramel like characteristics. Its sweetness reminds of tropical fruits and has a nutty aftertaste. IN this region, you get many different flavour profiles.

Indonesia 🇮🇩

This coffee tends to have a deep, dark, earthiness to them with subtle fruit notes. Indonesian coffee is popularly known for its nice smoky and toasted flavours with herbaceous characteristics. That has a beautiful aftertaste that reminds you of unsweetened cocoa.

Guatemala 🇬🇹

Coffee from Guatemala tends to be the go to for almost everyone. It is friendly on every palate and is well balanced. It is not too bitter, not too acidic, and has a subtle fruitiness to it. It has lovely chocolatey aromas and subtle sweetness that complements them.

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